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The school adopts an ‘open door’ policy towards parents/guardians.  We work closely with families to help their child’s development and we like to encourage parental involvement.  We hope that parents/guardians will attend open days, school fairs, sports days, concerts, workshops and our social evenings and events which take place each term and that they will volunteer their help with school outings and other aspects of their child’s/children’s class.

Parents are encouraged to come in and spend time with us for certain events, however, we understand that this can be difficult to organise especially for working parents and so we have a designated ‘Father’s Fortnight’, ‘Mother’s Fortnight’ and even a ‘Grandparents Fortnight’.  We find this very successful and both children and parents love their time together in their classroom.

We have regular newsletters with for the whole school and the individual classes, to keep parents/guardians informed of activities and projects of work in which the children are involved.

The children receive written reports twice a year and a parent/teacher evening is held toward the end of every term.


The children’s progress is carefully monitored and we build up an Early Years Learning Journal for every child through observation and planning, we use an online portal called ARC pathways.  These observations and profiles are available on request to the parents/guardians at any time and the 'tracking' from these is passed on to the child’s/children’s next school.

We have a very active Parents Association [PA] within the school.  The PA is formed to help promote positive relations between the school and the parents/guardians.  All parents are members of the PA but certain parents – usually one from each class group – will represent them on the committee.

Our Parents
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