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'It is hugely exciting to be involved in this new journey for Tadpoles. 

I have been part of Tadpoles for 13 years and it is very important to me that Kensington adopts the same ethos that makes Tadpoles [Chelsea] such a very special place.

The heart of the school will be the families and children who attend.  It is vital that each child is seen as an individual and our aim is to create a nursery where every child thrives in a happy and playful environment.

Ecology is a huge part of how we teach the children.  We are lucky enough with our location to be situated between Holland Park and Kensington Gardens and will be using these spaces to our full advantage - as well as the wonderful gardens right on our doorstep!  Where-ever possible, we will bring the outside into the classroom.

We want to build on the children's natural interest in the world around them, encouraging their curiosity and inquisitive minds. The best way for children to learn about their natural environment and how to care for it, is to get their hands muddy and fully immerse themselves into it.

I want our children to leave us equipped to continue their journey into education with the strong foundations to be creative and independent learners, problem solvers and confident and caring individuals.'

Natalie Going

Head: Kensington


Tel: 0207 937 5522

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