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Tadpoles Nursery School



All applications for admissions should be made to the Registrar, Francesca Short via email; 

A pupil may be registered from any time after birth.  

Please note that:

  • All ages are calculated as at the 1st September.

  • The registration form should be returned to the Registrar.  Payment of the Registration Fee should also be arranged at the same time (The registration fee is to cover the cost of administering the registration procedure, including administration of the waiting lists.  This payment is not refundable.  A registration form will not be processed until the Registration Fee is received).

  • The school will respond by informing the parents of one of these outcomes:

  1. That the child has been placed on the place list for the year in questions.

  2. Once the list for the year in question has opened, you will be informed whether you will be offered a place or at what position your child is on the waiting list.  The school will be in touch about a year to eighteen months before the proposed date of entry and we will advise as to the chances of promotion on to the main list where applicable.  It is very important of parents in this category to consider a second choice school.

Download Our Registration Forms Here:

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